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  • Companies are outsourcing their call volume through Arise Virtual Solutions.

  • Arise then outsources the calls through companies like Live Desks to find people that are working from home and connect them to clients in need of services.

  • You certify for the company that you choose to provide your services to and start taking inbound customer service calls from your home. It is all computerized so you will log into your computer and the client systems then the calls will come directly to your phone line as if you are in a call center.

  • You will choose the client who you provide services for and the pay rate is based on the client you choose.

  • You choose how much you work, full time or part time. You manage yourself.

  • As an agent of Live Desks, we provide report processing, support services and record keeping (such as your client opportunity, pay documents and your independent contractor agreement and contracts).

We are your administrative support helping you from the beginning of your work from home journey starting with the enrollment process, selecting and certifying with your first client,getting paid and beyond.


Create a profile


Begin taking calls from home

Refer a Friend


Refer your friends, get $40 cash!

When your friends sign up with your User ID, you get $40!


Review clients in need of services


Complete certification course for the client.

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Referral Incentive Program

For every person that refers an agent to Live Desks that enrolls, certifies with an Arise client and services for at least 45 days, a referral incentive of $40 will be issued.


To qualify the referred agent must enter Live Desks ID 2260631 or your agent ID as the “Who referred you?” part of the Arise application. You will need to fill out the referral form to qualify prior to the referred agent joining Live Desks. If you are not serving an Arise client at the time that you refer a new agent, you will be paid for your referral once you have serviced an Arise production statement of work contract for at least 45 days.

Eligibility Requirements*

  1. Agent that you refer must enter the User ID/CSPID for you when asked “Did you learn about the Arise Platform from a call center or one of their agents?” during the profile creation process. 

  2. Agent that you refer must sign up to use the Arise Platform and enroll in a client program within 8 days or less of creating their profile AND successfully certify for the client program.

  3. Agent must service client for at least 45 days.

  • If an agent drops, fails or is cancelled (voluntarily or involuntarily) from the first course selected, they will not have met the eligibility requirements.

  • The days to sign up to use the Arise platform includes the time it may take to reset a profile due to any inactivation.

  • During the 45 day time frame agents must continue to meet the Arise and client metrics mentioned in the statement of work

*If the referred agent meets all requirements you will receive $40.

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